Thursday, November 24, 2011

Two Pot Brownies, Eighty-four Ounces of Beer, And an Undisclosed Quantity of MDMA

This one is better spoken. Try reading it out loud if you're feeling playful.

MJ Thriller hot tub head bob
outside steam rise fog machine
werewolves and zombies no room in here
not moving don’t want to
could not do
beat it supernatural monsters you’re no son of mine
that’s against human nature and so is melting
but I’m boiling in this roiling
need to strategize can’t think just do
popping out solo still got the nod-nod-nod on
to the song-song-song
sweeping ‘cross the porch all cool and flow
chlorine droplets go drip-drip-drip
towel off the hang and in hand
now I dry-dry-dry
then go inside-side-side
another world of lights and noise then captured in a tractor beam
gaze locked to computer screen
pulled in with every step-step-step
surrender to the missing puzzle piece
that fits the deepest nook of me
virgin connection receiving infiltration
hook-up and download
now I'm 2.0 and after that watch another
and I am 3.0
then 4.0
on and on until my upgrade is finished
now I will operate differently
and when I reboot to complete
I wake up the next morning and think
Michael Jackson is good, but Nine Inch Nails videos are fucking crazy

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